Define your reason why.

Simply put, your brand is your promise. It tells people who you are and what they can expect from you. It differentiates you from your competitors and continually evolves from who you are to who you aspire to be. Your brand promise is essential for giving your organization the solid foundation it needs to innovate on and to thrive. When properly established, your brand establishes your unique value proposition in the marketplace, focuses your business strategy, and creates a foundation for establishing clear goals for the future.

  • Strategic Brand Development — Build a strong foundation
    Your corporate and product brands are what makes you unique in the industry, in the marketplace, and with key stakeholders and influencers. We work with you to ensure that your brands are enabling the cohesive business strategy, processes, and culture that lead to growth.
  • Corporate Narrative and Messaging — Craft your story
    What you say and how you say it matters. We establish, analyze, and adapt the overarching narratives that guide your brands and bring your vision to life.
  • Identity — Style matters
    The way you present your brand speaks volumes about where your company is going. We help you create a cohesive identity that conveys your brand promise and organizational personality to ensure that you look as good as you sound.
  • Revitalization — Recalibrate as you reach new heights
    Your brand is a living thing — constantly adapting and evolving. You review and update your business strategy every year, right? Our team can provide the best practices, industry insights, and outcomes to fit your brand to the needs of a growing business.
  • Brand Activation/Roll Out — Arrive on purpose
    Orchestrate your brand’s rollout by providing people with powerful opportunities to connect with it. The peak of every strategic brand development or revitalization program is how it’s communicated. From internal onboarding and sales integration, to customer and influencer engagement, we help create campaigns that generate awareness and establish connections.

Get your best ideas off the whiteboard and into market.

In R&D, there is most often just one or two opportunities to establish a strong connection with key stakeholders. Most often, the adoption of an idea relies heavily on the strength of a white paper or technical presentation and the ability of the presenter to connect with his or her audiences. For the fortunate few that make the leap from concept to the commercialization path, the communications challenges of engagement and acceptance are there but with new stakeholders with different wants and needs. Don’t leave your ideas exposed. By developing and executing a strong communications strategy, you can ensure the integrity, value, and growth of your ideas from the early stages of ideation through development and into market.

  • Concept Evaluation Support – Ensure a good fit
    When you’re evaluating strategic fit, it is imperative that technologies, platforms, and opportunities are strategically aligned with your organizational goals, industry trends, and a variety of other points. We work with you to create scorecards and communication strategies that support you in the process of aligning your strategic needs with your discoveries, then communicating the most relevant opportunities to your validation, design, product development, and business teams.
  • Technical Messaging/Narrative – Give voice to your big ideas
    Innovative and technical concepts can be complicated, causing confusion and the potential for missed opportunities. Our process gets to the heart of the concepts and technologies you’re developing to establish the values and story lines that matter most. We then craft them into a cohesive platform that includes all of the key messaging points you need to communicate clearly and consistently across all of your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Creative Services – Imagine the unimaginable
    One of the biggest challenges facing any innovation, materials science, or early-stage development team is finding ways to present their discoveries in engaging, memorable ways. Our design services team specializes in creating high-impact visual presentations, animations, augmented and virtual reality presentations, apps, and other channels that connect your ideas and concepts, no matter how fantastic, in ways that drive the opportunity home.
  • Stakeholder Communications Alignment – Drive the story home
    From concept through commercialization and back again there are opportunities to communicate with key stakeholders ranging from testing and validation to product development and design to sales and marketing to corporate citizenship and sustainability. Our team of strategists and creatives engages both hemispheres of the brain and works with you to ensure that no matter where you’re at in the life of an idea or technology, you will always be on message and leveraging the right channels.

Make every impression count.

Marketing dollars are precious and time-to-market is critical. You need a tightly planned strategy that takes you straight to the most promising opportunities, while flawlessly communicating the depth and value of your ideas to establish the right context for them, positioning you as a leader. Unlike traditional methodologies, we employ a highly curated and choreographed engagement process that connects with the specific influencers and buyers that will move your innovation forward.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy – Plan the right journey to the greatest opportunity
    Innovation isn’t he only challenge you’re facing. You also need to crack the sales code — discovering what it takes for your idea to get traction and for audiences to buy from you. We help you pinpoint the deepest need in the marketplace, map out their network of decision-makers, find the motivation that will dethrone their status quo, and connect you with the decision makers that can move your idea forward. We lead you to uncover greater opportunity and activate the highest concentrations of buying power in the market.
  • Thought Leadership – Share the navigational framework
    It wasn’t easy for your internal teams to understand the big idea. Now you need to replicate the learning process, sharing key insights with your customers to lead them on the same decision-making journey. That’s how we view thought leadership. It’s more than a collection of writings that make you look smart. It’s a coordinated sales effort to ensure the decision to purchase is the most intelligent next step.
  • Influencer Engagement – Mobilize the market movers
    Amplify your sales team by connecting your idea with the people who are going to move it forward with the most power. We help you identify influencers, bring them inside the company as strategic advisors, provide them with the access, time, and context to understand, represent and champion your ideas.
  • Strategic Campaign Development and Creative Support – Deliver your idea into open hearts and minds
    A brilliant idea should be brought to market through an equally brilliant campaign. We work with you to design your campaign so that it’s a natural continuation of the efforts you started at the inception of your idea, communicating its full potential and connecting with your key audiences. From precise messaging to targeting the right partners, influencers, and buyers, you’ll have the intelligence you need to carry your idea through to success.
  • Executive Visibility — Transform your leaders into storytellers
    Your key leaders, innovators, and experts need to be your chief storytellers. We equip them with the narratives to make the story newsworthy, the strategic plan that connects with influencers and customers to drive market traction, and the tools to deliver your messages in engaging and memorable ways.

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