You know these annoying phone calls you get?

The ones where some friendly person is contacting you about suspicious credit card charges. Requesting your SS# to lower your tax bill. Or demanding you to buy them Amazon gift cards.

Today, our phones are doormats for fraudsters. And that’s a problem.

A Problem for phone owners, for businesses, and for the entire telecom industry.

Our client Somos can stop these phonies in their tracks. And Somos wanted us to explain how.

Initially, it was using little boxes.

Boxes are handy assets. They represent data, databases, data sets, data processing. And lots of other technical stuff.

But we figured Somos’ story was sized for a bigger box, like a main stage.

Actually a real stage.

So we produced an original film series that focused on the drama not the boxes.

They need to hold the attention of Somos customers throughout an all-day virtual event.

We were competing against screen fatigue, Netflix, bathroom breaks probably even screaming children.

It looked like this.

And it worked!


Michelle Larsen, Somos’ Chief Experience Officer, discusses the success of The Twilight Phone video series. Check it out.