The Idea

People are beginning to realize how harmful our consumerist society can be to people and the planet. The sustainable fashion movement is growing, with more consumers changing the way they consume fashion in an attempt to force the industry to clean up its act.

In the wake of all this, we were approached by the CEO and COO of Natural Fiber Welding to help the company generate awareness for their technology platform and connect them with key industry partners. They headed a team of chemists and engineers operating out of Bradley University and were working to commercialize a technology called fiber welding that evolved out of research the CEO had done with the US Air Force and US Department of Defense.

The Impact

Fiber welding is revolutionary (and potentially highly disruptive) because it uses a proprietary blend of sustainable chemistry and physical science to enhance natural fibers so they can perform in new ways, exceeding synthetic alternatives while retaining their natural properties.


We started with the basics: a corporate brand, messaging platform, and positioning framework. Next, we established a partner strategy by playing connector, leveraging our extensive network in fashion and textiles to pair Natural Fiber Welding with brands (including tier one companies and global sustainability-focused non-profits like Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss & Co., PVH, Wolverine, Fashion for Good, and Fashion 4 Development) that we knew would benefit and move fiber welding forward toward global awareness and manufacturing scalability.

Today, Natural Fiber Welding is poised to change the way we prioritize our fashion choices, from fast to sustainable.

“Fiber welding and Mirum are technology platforms that change the way we think about using natural fibers in our lives. They’re big stories with lots of moving parts. David from Everhouse not only helped us focus and develop our message in a way that has risen above the noise around sustainability in the fashion, he also opened up doors to key industry relationships that have been instrumental in accelerating our time to market.”

—Steve Zika

Chief Operating Officer, Natural Fiber Welding


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