The Idea

When you’re a commodity business, innovation is pretty much your only upsell. But how do you get deal-seeking consumers to see value in a better, and initially costlier, way of doing things?

That was the challenge faced by the chief marketing officer at Driven Brands, the largest family of automotive aftermarket service companies in the United States. He needed a way to articulate the value of Driven Brands’ business unit, Maaco, to shift consumers from a short-term, cost-focused mind-set to a long-term, value-driven mind-set.

The Impact

We took on the role of advocate and educator, so we could help consumers understand the real value of Maaco products and services—without the confusion.

We started by translating Maaco’s technical product and service descriptions into everyday language. We then brought these innovations to life through a video series that showed the science inside Maaco’s paint and product technologies, so consumers could see for themselves exactly where they were obtaining value.

With these videos loaded onto tablets, sales teams could also speak with clarity on Maaco’s solutions, rather than relying on consumers to decipher the story from static wall posters in the waiting lounge.

More often than not, people want a solution that will last. And, as Driven Brands learned, it’s a lot easier to convince someone to pursue quality when you’re both speaking the same language.


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