The Idea

In our lives rich with Instagram, Netflix, and business apps, we often forget that only half the world is truly connected. It’s like humanity is operating at half capacity, without the bandwidth to modernize every society and economy on the planet.

The challenge is geography. We’d need to invest billions, even trillions of dollars to dig enough trenches and construct enough cell towers to carry connectivity over steep mountain ranges, across vast deserts, and out to archipelagos to reach remote nations.

Thankfully, a few imaginative technology pioneers figured out another option: put the internet in space. Create cell towers in the form of satellites that beam connectivity down into the nooks and crannies of the world, reach across oceans and air traffic patterns, and back up core networks when they fail at exactly the worst times.

The Impact

Meet ST Engineering iDirect, a major innovator in the new space era. Over the past decade, we’ve helped drive iDirect’s transformation from a gutsy team of telecom disruptors, with space as their whiteboard, to a powerful force in shaping how the world connects.

Our mission was to formulate the narrative of a disruptive technology within the broader communications industry and position satellite connectivity as a critical new telecom resource. This required an unrelenting drive of strategic positioning and market engagement.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Product commercialization: We work directly with leadership to turn engineering concepts into innovative solutions that lead to groundbreaking contracts and innovation milestones.
  • Market engagement: We architect marketing campaigns that define new market opportunities and expand market share.
  • Executive branding: We turn executive leadership into the industry’s best storytellers across premier trade shows and customer roadshows.

We’ve brought consistent clarity to a highly complex idea and forged connections with the most promising buyers and impactful influencers. As a result, ST Engineering iDirect is number one in revenue market share in nearly every key segment it targets.

What once seemed like an impossible task is now coming to fruition. Space is truly becoming the new frontier for communications technology. We’re entering a new era of discovery that holds the promise to transform the world—not for half of us, but for all of us.

“Our business model is built on disruption, and Everhouse has helped us communicate the path forward, not just for our customers but for the entire industry. Their messaging has become, in large measure, the words our industry relies on to make sense of the future.”

—Julie Bettinger

Vice President, Corporate Marketing, ST Engineering iDirect


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