The Idea

Advances in agritech have turned the soil of our farmlands into exciting laboratories for crops that are resistant to disease, thrive in drought-like conditions, and use natural resources more efficiently. Bayer’s FiberMax cotton seed is one such feat of modern science, helping farmers grow high-quality, high-yield cotton more reliably.

However, when Bayer approached us to showcase FiberMax, we realized that the science behind the seeds was only half the story. What really made the FiberMax cotton seed flourish was the artistry of individual farmers.

The Impact

We built trust and rapport with farmers so we could identify and document the secret sauce of what made each one so successful. We then created a series of seven documentary-style profiles of individual farmers in Bayer’s FiberMax One Ton Club—an exclusive group of farmers who have produced a whole lot of cotton using the FiberMax cotton seed.


The resulting short films offered cinematic glimpses into the lives, work ethic, and ingenuities that propel each farmer toward success. Bayer shared the videos on the FiberMax website and at the One Ton Club celebration. The photographs we took during the video shots became elements of regional marketing campaigns across billboards, airports, print magazines, and more.

By showcasing Bayer’s commitment to building true partnerships with its customers, we helped Bayer encourage brand loyalty to the company’s FiberMax cotton seed.


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