The Idea

The people who work at Aptiv are smart. Every day, they’re designing new network architectures and building computing platforms. They’re coding new software solutions and crunching numbers to build the future of mobility.

When you’re working on cutting-edge solutions, like Aptiv, data protection is critical—for customer trust and the integrity of company innovations.

That’s why Aptiv brought on Everhouse to help drive home the idea to employees that even the most tech-savvy companies need to take IT security risks seriously and practice better cybersecurity strategies.

The Impact

We decided to make the security risks personal to Aptiv employees. We revealed how each individual could easily become the portal through which malicious actors gain access to Aptiv’s internal network. We created an animation series that followed a fictional employee as he encountered and navigated various IT security risks—often from unexpected sources.

The serialized animations hit close to home for employees and helped a culture of data protection take root. Aptiv is still innovating and building a road map for the future. However, employees now better understand: in a digital world, digital security is everyone’s business.


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