Get off the whiteboard and into market

In R&D, the adoption of an idea most often relies on the strength of a technical presentation and the ability of presenters to connect with their audiences. For the fortunate few who make the leap from concept to commercialization, there are diverse communication challenges with a variety of stakeholders—all with different wants and needs. Don’t leave your ideas exposed. By developing and executing a strong communications strategy, you can ensure the integrity, value, and growth of your concepts from the early stages of ideation through development and into market.

Our Expertise

Concept Evaluation Support

It’s imperative that ideas and opportunities are strategically aligned with your organizational goals, industry trends, and buyer demands. We work with you to develop communication strategies that support the process of aligning your discoveries with strategic needs, then communicating the most relevant ideas to your validation, design, development, and business teams.

Technical Messaging/Narrative

Innovative concepts can be complicated, causing confusion and the potential for missed opportunities. We get to the heart of the concepts you’re developing to establish the story lines that matter most. We then craft them into a cohesive platform that includes the key messaging points you need to communicate clearly and consistently across all of your audiences.

Creative Services

One of the biggest challenges facing any innovation or development team is finding ways to present discoveries in engaging, memorable ways. Our creative services team specializes in creating high-impact visual presentations, animations, and experiences that connect even your most future-facing ideas and concepts in ways that drive the opportunity home.

Stakeholder Communications Alignment

From concept through commercialization and back again, there are opportunities to communicate with key stakeholders ranging from validation to development and design to sales and marketing to sustainability. Our team of strategists and creatives works with you to ensure you are always on message and leveraging the right communication channels.


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