Visual Storytelling


Bring your story to life.


At Everhouse, we believe in the power of both words and visuals. That’s why we translate your messages into a visual language. Visual communication is a powerful way to show the problems you solve and the impact you deliver. It makes it easy to deliver and share your message broadly. And it dials up the emotion within your story to spur decision-making.




Our team of filmmakers can make your story worthy of the big screen. Our video expertise ranges from corporate overviews, client case studies, executive interviews, studio shows and episodic series. We believe video should be used broadly – as a way for anyone to get into the heart of your business, go behind the scenes and onto the front lines.



There are times when the only way to get your message across is through animation. A new sophisticated product design. A detailed process. A highly conceptual strategy or solution. No words can explain it. But visuals can. Our animation team can help you bring hard-to-explain technologies, services or processes to life and depict the bold possibilities of a value proposition.


Information Graphics

We find creative ways to architect and package your message with a visual narrative flow, making it easy to follow and understand. Information graphics bring immediate clarity to any message, especially when you are trying to explain a conceptual idea, a complicated process or synthesize mounds of data.


Presentation Design

We can help you advance beyond traditional PowerPoint slides to develop innovative visual presentations with performance quality that’s fresh, engaging and entertaining. Give your executives the presentation they need to persuade and lead. Capture the perfect pitch that helps you stand out from the competition and create an unforgettable impact and undeniable call to action.