Message Development


Find your story.


You’ve invested countless hours developing your strategy and offerings. Do the messages behind them resonate? If your message isn’t clear and compelling, it’s hard for your audience to make decisions. We can help you craft a narrative that’s worth delivering. We train key executives to lead the charge as chief storytellers. And we enable your sales force to deliver key messages clearly and consistently.



Narrative Mapping

We collaborate with your key stakeholders to define a core storyline. We map out the key challenges your customers face. Where do they have an unmet need, unknown risk or underestimated challenge? We identify how you solve those challenges in a unique way and the payoff they’ll gain from working with you. Then we test the narrative broadly to ensure your story will hit the mark perfectly and deliver the most impact.



Message Field Guides

With a high-level messaging framework in place, we weave the storyline through detailed sales conversations, connecting the 30,000-foot view to the ground level where deals are won or lost. A Message Field Guide is a concise, visual overview that enables sales executives to understand central message and navigate sales conversations from start to finish, addressing the needs and concerns of key decision makers.



Message Fluency

We train key management and sales executives to become fluent in delivering your message, setting the strategy and tone for everyone else. With on-camera training and video production, they can deliver a concise, compelling narrative, which serves as a model for employees and a clear voice for customers and stakeholders.