Chicago Ideas Week: Consuming the Creative Process

Chicago Ideas Week: Consuming the Creative Process
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I often wonder whether we have become simply a collection of consumers in this country rather than creators. In Chicago, at least for one week we have become a collection of consumers of all things creative.

Chicago Ideas Week is upon us and as someone in the creative field I can say that it makes for a stimulating week to be working in the city. It gives me an extra spring in my step to know that we are celebrating a process to which I have devoted my career—my life.
For some it’s simply a gathering of local celebrities, entrepreneurs and the like, but for me it’s an important spotlight on the community of doers that make the world around us work. And the creative process isn’t limited to writing, video or graphic arts. The creative process is necessary to deliver everything that makes our society run—down to what seems like the most insignificant items like cheese.

That’s right, cheese. On Monday Eataly Chicago hosted a lab called ‘Lots of Mozz(arella).’ Needless to say this Italian has had quite a bit of experience with consuming mozzarella, but I’ve never been exposed to the process of creating that delicious cheese. But the prospect of doing so seems absolutely invigorating.

Not only that, but it makes for good conversation the next time you have a pizza—rather than turning on the television or tapping away at our devices, you can have a discussion about the process of how this food got to plate.

Overall, it speaks to the fact that creating anything worthy of consumption is a process. True with mozzarella, true with anything. I think about the lessons I as a visual storyteller and writer can take from the fine art of making cheese. Time and commitment are necessary in creating something that can bring people together for generations–and we should treat everything we create in our professional lives in the same manner

Chicago Ideas Week is the ultimate convergence of community and creativity. I look forward to attending the events and sharing my thoughts on the creative process this week.


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