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    Live in the Golden Age of Programming

    By Mike Carrozzo on April 7, 2016

    It’s been said that we are living in the new golden age of television. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Weeds, House of Cards, Game of Thrones—the list of immensely successful television programs today is seemingly endless. So what’s the big...

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    Walk the Line: Productivity vs. Creativity

    By Meghan Thomassen on March 9, 2016

    If you’ve ever seen the movie Walk the Line, a Johnny Cash biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, then you’ll remember how this incredible artist and storyteller constantly teetered on the brink of brilliance and self-destruction for most...

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    The Storyteller’s Journey

    By Tom Cheely on February 8, 2016

    Hey friends, Tommy Cheely here, Everhouse Filmmaker and visual media brain. I’m about to embark on a grand adventure of discovery! I will be writing weekly about my pursuit to learn new storytelling and filmmaking techniques. I just started...

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    Animating an Industry

    By Meghan Thomassen on November 11, 2015

    Animation provides companies with a way to tell their story in a way that is colorful, energetic, and human. They not only help an audience understand abstract ideas and processes, but they also convey the greater impact of that...

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    Everhouse Project In-Focus: Wisconsin Technical College Animation

    By Mike Carrozzo on April 2, 2015

    Everhouse Studio recently had the opportunity to help the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) convey a very important message using the power of visual communication. Education remains core to the success of the U.S. economy. But a misalignment has...

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    Three Content Lessons from Hosting a TweetChat

    By Mike Carrozzo on November 21, 2014

    Where is all the dialogue in content marketing? When you spend more than a decade in the publishing world, you tend to get accustomed to the role of feedback. Open dialogue with the community is important to ensuring your...

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