Bad Romance: Time To Break Up With PowerPoint?

Bad Romance: Time To Break Up With PowerPoint?
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Bad Romance: Time To Break Up With PowerPoint?


Most of us have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint. We call for its demise, yet we continue to indulge in the slide show software. We build PowerPoints, deliver PowerPoints and sit through countless PowerPoint presentations.

It’s a hard thing to quit. And Microsoft surely isn’t going to recall the product anytime soon.

Here’s the real issue: When we cry “Death to PowerPoint,” what we really mean is death to bad presentations. It’s not about the software program. It’s about the presenter.

PowerPoint is nothing more than an image projection tool. You can open a blank page and add whatever you want. No one is forcing you to create bullet points or lots of text.

PowerPoint isn’t going away anytime soon. But as for bad presentations, convoluted messages, slides and slides of text we copied and pasted from a Word doc–heck, we can ditch all of that today.

Check out this info graphic “Breaking Up with PowerPoint” for our take on how to use PowerPoint the right way. We also introduce you to some PowerPoint alternatives if you feel it’s time to make a break.