The Perfect Concoction


What’s your window of time to get a message across?

Will it be compelling? And how long will it be remembered?

We live a world where it’s almost impossible to connect with an audience – where information is piling up and attention spans are collapsing. Yesterday’s sales pitch? Forgotten. That strategy session last week? Gone; buried under an avalanche of emails, tweets, reality shows and dinner plans.



For anyone who has something important to say, it’s pretty tough out there. Everyone’s time is short. When they give you a few minutes, they risk wasting it.



And every time you ask for a few minutes, you’re putting your reputation on the line. So, how do you make people sit up and pay attention? And how can you get them to remember you tomorrow, next week and next month?



There’s a simple formula.

And it comes down to four priorities.


circle It starts with meaningful narratives. Stories give information clear context. They turn feature-benefit into conflict-resolution, with a hero, a villain and a victory. A good story is a guide to making the best decision. We jump into the plot and journey through the action. We see the path and the reward.
circle And how can you tell your story effectively? With visuals. Visuals take long complicated ideas and make them short, simple and memorable.
circle Stories and pictures are the core ingredients. But they need to be blended perfectly to create the right content – whether it’s a video, info graphic, white paper, article or a blog post.
circle But once you have great content, what do you do with it? It doesn’t present itself. That job falls to you. It’s all about delivery. You need the tools and the training to make sure you get it right. Not just in person. You also need the right distribution plan, the right digital path to reach your audience.

So, that’s the formula for success:

One part narrative, one part visual, one part content, one part delivery. Shaken, not stirred.