Animating an Industry

Animating an Industry

Animation provides companies with a way to tell their story in a way that is colorful, energetic, and human. They not only help an audience understand abstract ideas and processes, but they also convey the greater impact of that idea and give it a foothold in the physical world through pictures and words. Our client Somos has always been the provider of reliable business-to-business connections, and when they rebranded to launch into the next phase of their company, they needed a way to tell their story that would speak to both their employees and their customers.

In the case of Somos, we started with the story of a flower shop that uses a Toll-Free Number to grow its business. By creating a hero in the animation, the audience immediately became invested in what happened next.




SOMOS_External (0;00;05;19)We also had to explain how Toll-Free works. Animation lets us explain complex ideas in a simple, sharable way, so we created a world in which registries are sleek, rapid lines that connect real-life use cases, from textbook publishers to voting booths to culinary schools.


Flower Shop_Last Scene (0;00;03;25)


Finally, we wanted to convey the excitement the company felt about their future. Using clean vector illustrations and objects that popped, rolled, and grew, we depicted how our client enables all kinds of connections.

SOMOS_E_Scene 4 (0;00;12;12)



The result was an upbeat briefing on Somos’ past, present, and future. Employees and customers alike immediately understood the company’s vision. Thanks to the narrative structure and visual appeal of animation, we were able to capture the audience’s attention and tell our client’s human story and about the future of their industry.







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